ICBF Day 2: Cargo Bike Infrastructure & Cargo Bike Races

Published by Tim Sjouke on

Cargo Bikes in Rotterdam, Cargo Bikes in Berlin and soon Cargo Bikes all over Europe! Today I explained to ethousiast from all over Europe that now is time to get our infrastructure ready for the future. As an example I did a quick analysis of the Platz der Luftbr├╝cke in front of Templehof Airport. This immediatly triggered the creativity and enthousiasm of those attending to start discussing the opportunities and to get to work. Mission accomplished!

The rest of the day was filled with meeting inspiring people, attending events and watching the cargo bike races. One of those people is Dave Trattles, a documentary photographer who travels the world by bike and finds amazing stories along the way. You can join him on adventure in Sri Lanka or south India.

One of the many test tracks

Cargo Bikes in Rotterdam, this time in Berlin

Cargo bike races

The cargo bike family test track

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