Cargo Bikes in Rotterdam: The Final Result

Published by Tim Sjouke on

This is it! Cargo bikes in Rotterdam, a high-velocity project, which wants to keep up with the rate of development and the pace of the cycle couriers. In a timespan of just ten weeks, the necessary data has been collected, information has been shared, experts have been consulted and multiple congresses have been attended. An important share of these activities has gone through the LEVV-LOGIC project. The dedication of students, teachers, participating companies and experts has been extraordinary during the LEVV-LOGIC project.
Everyone, whom we would like to thank for his or her contribution, is mentioned below. All of them have contributed in the process of this study; our consultants, our fellow students, the LEVV-LOGIC consortium, the attendees and organisers of various congresses and the companies, which commit to a better world for cyclists. Only through collaboration could this research and report have been realised.

Cargo Bikes in Rotterdam (Dutch Version)

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