Discussing the Outcome & Keep Improving

Published by Tim Sjouke on

In such a multidimensional project, it is of utmost importance to keep discussing and improving our view on the matter. That is why we are back at the experts from the Urban Development department of the City of Rotterdam. They are currently using the Urban Mobility-framework for the Nieuwe Binnenweg, one of the streets from our research. We came up with a 50 km/h speed regime for its function as a collection-road. Their alternative is a 30 km/h speed regime, based on the section closest to the city centre. In that section, the street is dominated by leisure activities and thus a 30 km/h speed regime would fit better.


This example shows how important it is to keep discussing and improving. Involve as many stakeholders as you can, to generate the best results. That is the core philosophy of Cargo bikes in Rotterdam.

Nieuwe Binnenweg, Rotterdam

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